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As a specialist in the commercialization of IM/IT products, delivery, and services, Keshet Technologies’ innovative Portfolio Company Program provides a full complement of business strategies, methodologies, and expertise to aggressively penetrate each portfolio company’s target markets. This unique program is designed to reduce the capital requirements of promising young technology companies by providing them with the essential management strategies, marketing and sales functions, product management expertise, distribution channels, standards compliance, QA, and corporate service support and back office functions that generally consumes the majority of a company's invested capital.

By deploying a growth strategy tailored to our client's specific business needs and future strategic goals, we maintain an environment that allows our Portfolio Companies to concentrate on their core competencies - R&D, deployment, and support services. We empower our clients to create corporate wealth by linking their future strategy to implementation through Keshet’s proprietary Portfolio Management Methodology. In concert with the Portfolio Company, Keshet extends a commercialization process that empowers qualified companies to realize their strategic goals by:

  • Accelerating market growth through Keshet’s reseller channels
  • Maximizing revenue and profitability
  • Facilitating resource sharing, knowledge sharing, and communication
  • Maximizing the use of corporate assets
  • Maximizing corporate and product quality
  • Minimizing investment risk

At Keshet, we understand the effort, skill, and dedication required to develop marketable technologies and groundbreaking innovations. We cultivate young companies by creating partnerships that expand their ability to achieve success, enabling founders to maintain majority ownership. Our own success is tied directly to that of our portfolio companies in a performance-based rewards model as we align fledgling businesses with our strategic partners and facilitate exit strategies that maximize value extraction.

A Promise of a Brighter Future