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Strategic Alliances


In support of our portfolio company business model, Keshet Technologies maintains strategic alliances with industry leading technology vendors and global solution providers, such as Microsoft. As a result, Keshet is able to gain access to critical markets, maintain alignment with current industry standards, and develop a network of distribution channels. Recently, Keshet has entered into a strategic alliance with Aum Capital and XStream Software, an alliance that augments traditional incubation services by facilitating a comprehensive go-to-market environment.

Aum Capital XStream Software

For more information, read about AUM Capital and XStream Software.

In addition to our direct business activities, Keshet is a proud member/supporter of OCRI, SCOAP, CATA, and MINDTRUST. Membership to these national and local organizations allows Keshet to contribute to the education and advancement of the technology entrepreneurial community, to engage in the management of knowledge and intellectual property, to establish linkages among the investment community, and to foster broad reaching networks.

If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities or in initiating a strategic alliance with either Keshet or one of our portfolio companies, please submit the on-line strategic alliances registration form. By registering, you can also receive Keshet's periodic newsletter.

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