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Keshet Technologies Inc. joins forces with Aum Capital Corp. and XStream Software Inc. in Strategic Collaboration
July 11, 2005

Keshet Technologies Inc. announced today that it has entered into a strategic alliance with Aum Capital Corp. and XStream Software Inc. Under the agreement, Keshet will provide go-to-market and commercialization services to assist technology start-ups that have been incubated through capital infusion and provided offshore product development capabilities by Aum Capital Corp. and XStream Software Inc. This alliance augments traditional incubation services by facilitating a comprehensive go-to-market environment. From inception through to exit, the essential tools, capital and support are available and deployed in a comprehensive package tailored to each individual company’s needs to ensure maximum value extraction.

“This Strategic Collaboration builds on the existing relationship between Aum Capital and XStream Software by expanding the scope of opportunities extended to potential start-ups. The alliance reduces the risk and amount of capital required in both the seed and go-to-market stages of the commercialization process. Entrepreneurs will benefit from the cost savings associated with offshore development while capitalizing on the international reach, diminution of risk, and go-to-market expertise inherent in this partnership.” remarks Andrew Moffat, CEO of Keshet Technologies.

“To remain competitive in today’s global economy, companies of all sizes are investing in offshore product development with the hopes of reducing cost while extending reach. XStream Software offers an excellent opportunity for start-ups to capitalize on such capabilities. With the early stage capital and development facilities in place, the natural transition from incubation to Keshet Technology’s commercialization program presents a symbiotic opportunity for all parties,” says J. Kuruvila, President and CEO of Aum Capital.

“Our offshore, ISO9002, design and development team now comprises 200 professionals, and we have completed many projects for our customers. This collaboration provides start-ups with an unparalleled opportunity for capital infusion and a very cost effective product development service. The alliance with Keshet Technologies fashions a holistic growth program found no where else,” comments Sunil Kumar Sethi, President and CEO of XStream Software.

About Aum Capital
Aum Capital is a private equity firm that partners with the shareholders and management of promising start-up companies. Aum Capital invests in start-ups that are open to cost optimizing strategies and are willing to work with its collaborators. Aum Capital has established collaborations with proven leaders with excellent offshore development capabilities and companies with proven sales and marketing expertise. Aum Capital strongly believes that such partnerships are necessary for technology companies in today’s environment to deliver their solutions in a cost-effective and timely manner. For more information about Aum Capital, please send e-mail to or visit

About XStream
XStream Software offers a wide range of customer specific solutions using appropriate technology in a very cost effective manner. The company has expertise in all aspects of software, hardware, embedded and real-time system design, and project management. XStream constantly delivers the highest quality of work, on time and within the budget. XStream’s clients are offered an extremely competitive business value proposition. XStream is also a 6x award winner that designs and develops next-generation, 100% programming-free e-learning, authoring, streaming media, administration/tracking, and communication & collaboration technologies. The company’s products are in use by thousands of internationally known clients representing businesses across all market sectors. For more information about XSteam Software, please send e-mail to or visit

About Keshet Technologies Inc.

Keshet Technologies is a partnership company pioneering a new approach to the commercialization of IM/IT products. By facilitating sales channels, back office functions, and management expertise, Critical to market success, Keshet is able to leverage startup software companies’ core competencies and reduce the amount of time, risk, and capital associated with commercialization. The unique shared rewards business model of Keshet enables the owners and employees of its portfolio companies to reap the rewards of their effort and dedication. By maximizing value extraction for the founders and employees, Keshet is committed to deliver the promise of a brighter future. For more information about Keshet Technologies, please send e-mail to, or visit
A Promise of a Brighter Future